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Lunch at our authentic Balinese restaurant

After the bike tour has finished we will invite you to our authentic Balinese style restaurant located in the middle of rice paddies where you will be served a magnificent luncheon with special ‘young coconut’ drink.

lunch in the middle of rice paddies

lunch menu vegetablelunch menu balinese foodlunch menu bali fried chicken

lunch restaurant view

Around the restaurant there is a small Balinese plantation where you can learn about the medicinal uses and cultural importance of a variety of local plants. And you will be able to see many of the spices which are commonly used in cooking as well as different tropical fruits growing in their natural environment.

local plants

As the restaurant located just in the middle of rice paddies, you will have a great chance to witness local farmers do their daily activities at the field while you are enjoying your delicious meals.

More photos of having lunch at Balinese restaurant amid rice paddies

balinese rural farmerrestaurant view

That is the end of our journey. We do hope you enjoy your time with us and always remember all those unique experiences during the tour. Our team will drive you back to your hotel where you can have a rest after spending the day with us.
Thank you for choosing our services and we hope to see you again next time...


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