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Visiting Tegallalang rice terraces

Our first stop of the journey is at Tegallalang village, a well known landscape for its rice terraced paddy fields. A very nice spot for photo taking.

tegallalang rice terraces view

Tegallalang is one of the Bali's most spectacular rice field terraces. Surrounding gorge full of rice fields has over the years attracted many photographers who captured its images on film and photos. Overtime Tegallalang rice fields became an attraction in itself. You will have to take some stairs down to get the best angle view. Deep green terraces, with lots of coconut trees, very similar of what you can see on postcards.

family photo at tegallalang rice terracesbali hai bike tour guide at tegallalang rice terraces

splendid view of tegallalang rice terraces

Even though a lot of rice fields surrounding Ubud have been converted into other uses, terraced rice paddy fields still remain the most popular feature of Bali landscapes. Most of them have been created around 9th century and engineered by the Balinese themselves using water coming from the mountains. The result are step, garden like terraces designed on hillsides and mountain edges with irrigation channels that keep them wet all year round.

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